Roadmaps that drive Product ROI

Roadmaps that drive Product ROI

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Solving the Product Roadmap Challenge for Software Companies

After a year of validating, pivoting and testing in collaboration with multiple teams, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of ProductHub. Our platform has first been introduced to an exclusive group of software companies, enabling them to witness firsthand the benefits of ROI-driven product roadmaps on business velocity, revenue growth, and organizational culture.

As a team that has done over 80 product & tech due diligence and assessments for investors around the globe, we understand the importance of maximizing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

One key aspect of achieving high CLV lies in designing and implementing a product roadmap that effectively addresses customer needs while driving revenue growth. Regrettably, numerous software companies face difficulties in prioritizing and executing the right initiatives on their product roadmaps, leading to considerable product waste, lost revenue, and internal conflicts.

Solving the challenge

To help solve this challenge, ProductHub provides a SaaS platform that helps companies create ROI-driven product roadmaps. The platform adds two critical ingredients to the mix to help companies solve their challenge:

a framework to frame cross-department conversations about the business case of each roadmap initiative and

2. $$$ dollars and €€€ euros as the common language to communicate about roadmap initiatives.

Using ProductHub, companies create, prioritize, execute, and track roadmap initiatives’ ROI throughout the entire product lifecycle, while ensuring everyone in the organization is aware of the risks and opportunities associated with each initiative. The platform provides cross-departmental execution and collaboration on roadmap initiatives, keeping everyone in sync across tools like JIRA, Github, Hubspot, Salesforce and many more.

ProductHub was created by product leaders who understand the challenges that come with prioritizing, planning, executing, and tracking a product roadmap.

With ProductHub, companies can create a product roadmap that drives real ROI while ensuring that everyone is aligned around the company's strategy and vision.

As founders, we're grateful for our dedicated team who have worked tirelessly to bring ProductHub to market. We are excited to see the impact our platform will have in 2023 and beyond, as more software companies adopt our approach to product roadmap planning and execution.


One of the primary advantages of SaaS is its cost-effectiveness. With SaaS, businesses can eliminate upfront infrastructure costs, software licenses, and ongoing maintenance expenses. Instead, they can opt for a subscription-based pricing model




Jan 9, 2024

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