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Master & Drive Product ROI and Revenue
for software leaders and their teams

ProductHub revolutionizes how product leaders and their teams prioritize the things that truly matter by mapping revenue to product strategy, roadmaps, adoption and capacity allocation.  
Your Challenges

Quantifying business results

Mapping product to revenue and explaining ROI is impossible. For product portfolios it is even harder.

Massive backlogs

The backlogs keep growing although many initiatives will never see the light of day.

Endless discussions

Prioritization discussions with stakeholders never seem to end.
your solution, product strategy & operations

Product Strategy

Test different investment scenarios

Create and execute different Product Investment scenarios to get the most out of your available capacity.

Track Progress against business goals

Connect business goals to Product Strategy and track Product ROI across product, business and engineering.

Visualize and Report

Use our visualization and reporting to understand, communicate and optimize outcomes.

Product Operations

Integrate Product, Sales and  Engineering data

Combine data from your entire ecosystem to drive Product Revenue, ROI and Growth.

Actionable Insights

Discover new insights and use them in your Product Strategy, Roadmap and Operations with just a few clicks.

Optimize capacity allocation

Get the most out of your teams and their knowledge. Never under or overplan again while boosting productivity.

Acceleration Programs

Product Revenue & Team Acceleration

We help you accelerate by optimizing your Product Strategy, Roadmap and Operational execution with Product ROI as a baseline.

Hands-on collaboration

We collaborate during the program to ensure that all learnings can be implemented and stay there after we leave.

3 months to hit a homerun

Our program lasts 3 months at minimum up to 6 months depending on the size and state of your organization. Results from day one.

Drive culture and performance

Get in touch

65% faster time-to-value

Time-to-Value drops significantly when teams work with Product ROI as their baseline metric.

30% increase in R&D productivity

Measureable goals are shared across business, product and engineering which boosts productivity.

70% less time spent on prioritizing

Cut the time spent prioritizing and alignment in half and focus on  more impactful tasks.

Connected to your ecosystem

ProductHub integrates with your Product, Business and Engineering ecosystem to discover product opportunities and risks early on.